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Carbonite Offer Code February 2014

New Carbonite Offer CodesMany people use external hard drives to back up their data, but that is not enough for precious files and sensitive materials. Protection of company data should be a top priority of all businesses and individuals alike. Carbonite is a backup company that allows businesses and individuals to ensure their data is safe without any question. It is easy to use and requires little to nothing on the customer’s part.

What Is Carbonite?

Those who don’t have a lot of time will love the fact that Carbonite is a completely automatic process. Once a person sets up Carbonite, it takes care of everything on its own. Every time the computer is connect to the web, the files back up automatically. Let’s face it, when it comes to backing up files, people forget to do it. The good thing about dealing with the programs that Carbonite provides is even when people forget, it doesn’t. There is never a reason to lose hours of hard work just because of human error. The files are stores safely onsite and backed up for when you need them.

While backing up hard drives externally is always advised, the programs offered by Carbonite allows you to keep your most precious files in a safe, remote location off site. If anything should happen like a flood or a fire, the data remains safe at another location. There are just so many things that can happen in an office environment, and all of them can be detrimental for the hard drive files. People who transport their data off site by themselves run the risk of also damaging the files. From an accident to misplacing it, there are risks when handling the files.

Why Carbonite Is Better Than An External Hard Drive

Sure an external hard drive is somewhat reliable, but when it comes to protecting your data, don’t you want the best? Carbonite uses what is called a RAID to store all data. A RAID is a redundant disk array and it is way more reliable than the computers internals storage system or an external one. As a precaution, Carbonite encourages all their customers to include the external hard drives to be backed up as well.

The great thing about using a service like this is that wherever you go, you can always have a way to back up your services. As long as there is an internet connection readily available, you can back up your precious data. So whether traveling to a foreign country, on the road, or just lounging around the house, Carbonite is always working to protect you and your data.

It’s Easy To Use Carbonite Services

For those who think the process is hard, thing again. It’s actually very simple to secure data once the program has been set up. The browser based dashboard makes it easy to monitor the status of the data. You can view many computers and their back up activity at once. Monitor the storage levels for the company anytime and anyplace. So check into a nice hotel and still keep in touch with your data. You can see progress reports and stay make sure everything is good to go.

Carbonite will back up several kinds of documents. The most common are:

• Word and other Processing Documents
• Excel and Various Spreadsheets
• Emails
• POS Files
• Pictures
• Misc. Graphics
• Videos
• Any Quick Books or other Accounting Program Files
• Customer Relations Data

There are some documents that Carbonite cannot back up at this time, they are:

• Secondary Installation Files From Microsoft Word, Quicken, etc.
• Temporary files
• System files

Currently, Carbonite has several packages to accommodate all budgets and all storage level needs. They offer free trials for all individuals for 15 days and businesses can enjoy a 30 day free home trial. Each level of service has different coverage levels and a certain amount of GB. There are five programs to choose from and they are:

• Home
• Home Plus
• Home Premier
• Business
• Business Premier

Getting Services With Coupon Codes

Everyone loves to use coupons; it is a way so save money. Using Carbonite coupon codes on various sites can be a bit difficult. Carbonite makes it easy to use coupon codes. To take advantage of their saving offers, go to the pricing page. Select the package plan that works best for you or your company. It will bring up another screen once a package plan has been selected.

This screen will give you three options, a 1 year, 2 year and 3 year plan. The longer you take out the purchase for, the cheaper it is. It is going to ask you to set up an account on the next page. It will ask for information like an email address, and all the address data. At this point you will also set up a user name and password. Next you will hit enter and it will take you to the final screen.

The final screen will have a section for coupon codes. It is in the bottom left hand corner. Enter the code that you want to use and hit the apply button. If you enter the coupon code without hitting the apply button, it will not take the amount off the price. Hit the apply button and then select the checkout. The next screen will take you to the payment section. Here all payment information is entered and then a final confirmation screen for the order. Using a coupon code is a great way to try the valuable services of Carbonite without spending a fortune.

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